Hi out there and welcome to Lisahfl!

I’m Lisa. My full name is Lisa Hoflehner. Now you can also guess why ‘hfl’. It is a short version of my last name. You can call me whatever you want, but if not sure, Lisa is always fine. I am a 27 year old woman based in Vienna, where I’m a Tax Consultant. Originally I’m from Upper Austria and decided to move to Vienna in March 2019. Before that I lived in Linz for studying and in Amsterdam for six month to do an internship.

Besides my hustling at work, there is one thing that I really wanna do and that is to explore the world. I’ve created this blog in March 2018 because I want to share all the adventures I’ll experience and save them. It should be kind of a personal photo album combined with useful tips for others. Another part of my blog is that I also like to share personal thoughts  being on my mind.

I’ve been following a lot of bloggers for some years now. To be honest, I never thought, I would be a girl starting a blog someday. But so far I’ve enjoy it to the fullest. Blogging allows me to be creative, write my thoughts down and share photos. I do have a never-ending desire to capture as much as possible from my life (with photos). What is more, I’ve been always the girl with the camera around since I was 15. So, therefore I guess it is legitimate sharing my photos combined with some personal thoughts and/or tips on this blog.

Besides photography and travelling the world, you can get me with fresh cooked food, unexpected flowers or a concert ticket from one of my favourite Indie bands. To some extend I guess I fulfil the typical blogger cliché, but who cares. As long as I’m still the true me, the true Lisa, I guess everything’s fine.

If you have any further questions check out my instagram or feel free to write me an e-mail!

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading and see you,

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