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I’ve recently moved to Amsterdam just in case you missed the first two posts about that you can find it here and here. But back to the topic of this one, housing in Amsterdam. It is definitely not easy to find something, and it is even harder only for short term. I actually had my struggles as well and this is why I’ve decided to write down my experience and share my tips with you on finding housing in Amsterdam.

As I already mentioned, getting an accommodation to stay in Amsterdam can be challenging due to two main factors: A lot of people searching for a place at the same time and the shortage of housing in general. Therefore, the rent prices are also quite high compared to my home country Austria. But it is definitely possible to find a place to stay, when you know what to do!

You might ask yourself, how I found my accommodation in Amsterdam and how long I searched for it. I started searching for something about two months before I actually moved here, but I did not really search actively back then because I couldn’t visit any flats. Hence, I just kept on looking but not with lots of effort. However, when I arrived in Amsterdam I immediately started searching like crazy. Seriously, I was quite terrified that I won’t find anything, because I heard some weird stories. In the end I found something more or less through facebook after 1 ½ weeks. I posted that I was searching for a flat and then my current landlords sent me an email saying they have something for me. I think it was a combination of already knowing how to present myself and of course luck. (You know, do the right thing at the right time).

Sources where I searched a lot were facebook groups and At you need to pay a monthly fee around €30 to be able to contact persons. I think the fee is absolutely worth it and it is way easier to get the chance for a viewing through compared to the facebook groups. There are many different groups in facebook for housing in Amsterdam, however, most of them seem pretty competitive. Meaning, that 30 people or more will reply to an ad for a flat. But I would still recommend them of course, since no fee is included. But always be aware of scammers!

I joined those groups: (biggest group with the most postings)

Other homepages: (tips for students!)

Other tips I have and what I found out was helpful:

Attempt to write a nice and precise text about yourself. What I mean is, try to be unique and tell the person, why they should invite you for a viewing. I know it’s not easy, but it still helps. Moreover, also include in your application text what you are actually doing during your time in Amsterdam (or even before). If you for example work for a nice company (or will start working) mention that! This gives people some kind of trust and they see that you already accomplished something and that you are reliable. This leads me to my text tip, if there is an email available, reply to that one and also use your work mail.

I would also recommend posting something in the facebook groups and make sure to spread it also in (a little bit) smaller groups. That is how my current landlords found me. Be careful with scams though! I heard about bad stories and some people also tried to scam me. So always try to use your common sense, if this could be a scam or not.

Another tip is to be prepared to pay a little bit more. Meaning, it is easier to find something for € 800+ than for example for about € 500. But I know this is also personal preference and not everyone can afford such high rent prices of course. I just wanted to share my experience. I also mentioned that the rent prices are high, however, still think about it if the room/flat is really worth that money. Because someone also tried to make me pay a lot for a not so good location.

Another tip is also to talk to people. Ask people you already know if they know something or someone who is currently searching for a new tenant.

Last but not least, be patient! I know this is not so easy, especially when you will be moving soon to Amsterdam. But this is very important for accommodation searching. In the end you’ll find something, as I did! 🙂

I hope, I could give you some nice and helpful tips, for those who are currently on a flat hunt! Make also sure to check out my other posts about Amsterdam. Cheers!



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