Leaving Amsterdam

Now my time in Amsterdam has come to an end, which feels weird to be honest. Other than that, I don’t think I have fully realized yet that I am going to move back to Austria and back to my mom’s place. But let’s wrap up my experience here in Amsterdam! (I’m already back home at my mom’s place. The goodbye was one of the hardest I’ve ever had and I was super sad. But being back in Austria for one month also doesn’t bother me that much at the moment, since I came home to a new furnished room, which is also nice right?!)

The past six months..

In the past six months I’ve seen a lot. I arrived in Amsterdam and the weather was just perfect. Now I could also experience all kind of season in Amterdam, since it snowed on my second last weekend here. The summer was one of the best summers ever here and I was so lucky to experience that. Therefore long summer nights with lack of sleeping. Then autumn came, and I have to say time for me became more stressful because I had lots of friends over (which I really appreciate) and we had so much fun.

But the downside was, that I also became sick and since then I never fully recovered. I put myself also mentally under pressure, because I wanted to do stuff with my friends and also gave everything at work too. But it clearly didn’t work and I had to face the facts that I am simply sick and that I need to take my time for recovering. I think this was the biggest learning that I’ve literally had during my time in Amsterdam. I realized it doesn’t make any sense to try to change thing and that it is so important to accept life how it is. I also realized it is so much better to go with the flow and to always trust your gut feeling.

Let go..

Which leads me to my next point. I also decided in mid-October to let go of my boyfriend in Austria. I felt like that our lives started to thrift apart and I couldn’t see a future anymore. I also had to accept that. Even though it was hard it was the right decision in the end and I am glad I trusted my gut feeling in that sense as well.

Moreover, I learned so much at work. It may sound silly, but I’ve never worked full-time for longer than a month and I had actually no clue how ‘real’ business life is like. There are of course pro and cons to a 9 to 5 job compared to being a student. I miss the flexibility when it comes to studying, however, at work it is way more fun and I get challenges in a completely different way. Also I have my weekends and evening off and that’s also super nice. Therefore I was able to explore Amsterdam every weekend without having a bad feeling. I am super thankful for that.

However, after six month of not being surrounded by the people I’ve known the longest and my mom I have to say I am also super happy to come home and spend Christmas with my loved ones. Sometimes I miss just being in my comfort zone and stuff.

Being scared..

Even though I’m looking forward to coming home, I’m also a bit scared and I already know that I would like to leave my hometown in Austria soon again. But the good thing is (for me personally), it is only temporarily because I need to take one more exam in the end of January and then I’m done with my Master’s studies and I can do whatever and go wherever I want to. This fact actually cheers me up because I know I am not forced to stay in Upper Austria for another year or so.


To sum everything up, coming to Amsterdam was clearly the best thing, which happened to me in 2018, even though it was hard. But it made me realize again how much I love being in an international environment and that’s what I am clearly longing for after my graduation. My internship in Amsterdam might come to an end that’s true, but it is also the beginning of an amazing time. No matter where I’ll end up but I am certain about one thing it is going to be good and I’ll find the right job, place, flat, partner, cat whatever.


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