2019 recap

2019 is a wrap! It’s been a year with many many ups and downs. A lot has happened in terms of figuring out my life, or rather where I would like my life to be heading to. I’ve started 2019 not knowing where it would lead me. I had the plan to move to Vienna but little did I know where it would actually end up. 

I moved to my first apartment here, and I had to move out after seven months, which was pretty unexpected. Luckily, I found my own flat in Vienna, which I now appreciate a lot. Also jobwise I had to figure out what I actually wanted. I have started two jobs this year. The first one obviously didn’t work out, but the second one did and I actually love what I’m doing. It may sound odd to most of the people but I am very much enjoying working with taxes. It is my passion and it brings me joy every single day I go to work. It is extremely important to find something in life that you actually enjoy doing (almost) every day. You shouldn’t waste your time doing something you don’t actually like doing. Life is absolutely too short for that.

In 2019 I also realised that there is no sense in rushing things. I was stressing myself way too hard and I needed to learn to let go of things and to let them unfold. This year I had a very long downphase, which was very tough. I figured out for myself that I simply had to reduce my stresslevel and trust my insticts. I was literally stressed about everything. Also the transformation from being a student to the business world took me some time. I needed to organise my life differently and set priorities right. When I was a student I got easier distracted and I didn’t spent my time as efficient and structured as I do now. To cut it short, this year I managed to get out from my darkest phase by myself and I found my purpose in life again, which I am very grateful for. 

This year another very positive thing happened, a new person entered my life at the end of July. I didn’t think about it too much (for my standards haha) and I was just open. Looking back, I am grateful that I just did what I did and that I just let things happen. I am beyond happy that things turned out to be as they are now. On another side note, I also reconnected to a lot of old friends and build many new friendships. I think I’ve created my little friends bubble here in Vienna, which also gives me lots of energy. 

During this year I did not only explored Vienna a lot, I also travelled to quite some destinations. I started the year in London, in February I travelled solo to Bali, in August I went to Budapest, Innsbruck and climbed the Traunstein mountain, in October I spent one weekend with my girlfriends in Styria. In December I travelled back to Amsterdam (oh my, still love this city very much) and to Copenhagen with my mom. In between also back and forth to my hometown in Upper Austria. I also met many people here in Vienna, which also makes it so exciting for me to live in this wonderful city. 

2019 was a very important year for me. I learned a lot, I stepped out of my comfort zone yet again, I managed to set my priorities right, I managed to find a job I very much love, my own flat in Vienna and a new partner. I think it is safe to say, that everything turned out very well for me in 2019 and that I am beyond grateful for that. I came very far this year and I am a much stronger person compared to one year ago. To wrap everything up, 2019 was in the end very successful and I am looking forward to the next year, which will be another big milestone for sure. So 2020, I’m ready for you! Let the memories begin. 

Also enjoy some highlights of 2019 picture wise.


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