26 on the 27th

Another year passed by and today I turned 26 years old. It might not be a big deal for most people how old they turn and, but for me every birthday is really special. I just like to celebrate and enjoy this day or basically the whole week around it to the fullest. In my opinion it is just nice to enhance the ‘small’ things in life. I just really like to enjoy life and capture those days. 

Especially 2020 has taught me that life can be turned around in just a blink of a second. The Corona crisis and the lockdown has were quite a lesson for me. Before mid March everything seemed ‘fine’ even though I had this weird feeling inside me, that something had to change. All of a sudden nothing was how it used to be before. You can read more about my thoughts to this topic here. This blogpost aims to focus on the lessons I’ve learned and how I grew in the past year. 

My 26th year of life was filled with many ups and downs. It actually started good even though my mental state of mind was not in the best place. Back then I felt lost where I would like to head in my life, which profession I would like to go for and where I eventually would like live. I basically had to figure out in which direction my life should head. Questions like, where I would like to live, what I would like to do and last but not least which people I would like to surround myself with. 

If you asked it was another year of finding myself (if this process ever stops?!). Summing up all the events which happened, I quite succeeded in it. At the moment, I feel very centered. Meaning I am way more relaxed as I used to be. I’ve got an amazing flat (the flat hunt was not easy and a long process last year), I am very happy with my job and I have wonderful friends in Vienna. I absolutely enjoy living in this amazing city. Therefore I think Vienna also has to do a lot with my inner peace. I don’t know yet if I’ll stay here forever, but for now I can tell you it the most wonderful place for me to stay.

The longer I live in this in Vienna, the more I discover and the more I’m falling in love with this city. Especially during my 20s I’ve been upset and felt lost many many times. The older I get the more I value my life and the more relaxed I  become. Even though the responsibilities extend every year of course. Somehow I always adapt and manage my life.

We’ll see where this next year and next chapter in my life will lead me. I am beyond grateful for my current  situation and that I spent an amazing  26th birthday (weekend). Look at the pictures yourself. I am thankful for turning one year older and I am already excited for all the amazing moments which will happen in the next year and especially this summer. I still think Corona happened for a reason and it directed at least my life in the right direction. Because one thing is for sure, it is going to be another amazing and thoughtful year and I am ready to receive all of it. 

Cheers,  Yours Lisa


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