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Another year has passed by! If I have to sum it up a pretty successful one. Jobwise I’ve found something that I would call is very unique because I bond with my team and I feel so supported and treated well by them. I am very grateful to have found something like this! I know it can also be the other way around, where you are not happy and want to leave. Therefore, I’m very glad where I am now. One year ago I would have actually not thought that. I always strived for something else, but sometimes the good things are really just in front of you and it’s on you to realise that and that takes time.

Privatwise, I am so so so happy that events are happening again and that I’ve been able to travel. The past few months have been quite intense at that end. I thought, ok it is quite much, but my desire to go places and to experience things was bigger than staying home. I love travelling and it gives me so much inspiration!

The pandemic made me quite lonely and something I still am. Being in a big city on your own can be very much fun but it is not always easy. I miss having someone around in my flat. Even though I would never trade my flat for anything less, I guess I would still prefer to share it. However, my current life situation only allows me to have it like this and I would rather not settle until I’ve found a partner for destiny. At that end, I had gone through some disappointments and (little) heatbreaks. (I guess more disappointments, than real heartbreaks.)  I don’t know why I don’t seem to be lucky at that end, I guess the universe is still trying to teach me some things. This whole dating process can be quite tiring and exhausting. I feel like many people are so busy and do not want to settle, cause there is still something better coming around or it is too hard to commit to something, which might not work out. It is hard and I had some real low points. But I TRY to make the most out of it and just enjoy summer and singlehood. Isn’t it also nice to be able to enjoy it on your own?

Actually my 28th birthday was a huge party all in all, I think I have celebrated so much and met so many people! Right after my birthday weekend I flew to London to experience one of the most exciting trips ever. Especially Saturday, 2 July 2022 was simply amazing!  We had brunch on the boat, where we were staying, then we did some day drinking, went to London pride and after that we got to see King of Leon in the O2 arena. I think it was one of the best concerts, if not the best, which I have experienced in my whole life (I guess that day was a once in a lifetime experience). I simply love music and going to concerts and it makes me so happy that it is finally possible again. Unfortunately, after London I caught Covid a second time, so I had to quarantine. But honestly, I’m was feeling fine. I was actually happy that I get to spend some time on my own to reflect and to think about my life. I think the past four years have been intense but I also managed so much I would have never dreamt of. I found what I would really like to do in life jobwise, I found my friends and my spot in Vienna. Looking back it could not have been any better (ignoring the pandemic). I am very grateful for all the experience I’ve made and to the friends I get to hang out with. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

Now it’s on my agenda to fully recover and to get back on track. But you know it’s gonna happen. I’m so sure about it. When I’m  back, I’ll conquer the world 🙂 to be ready you know 😛 I’ve come very far already achieving my goals, however, I’m not quite there yet where I would like to be. So I’ll just continue and along the way I know I’ll make more great memories and exciting moments to share. Have a lovely Sunday and enjoy some impressions I got to make! 

XoXo Lisa 


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