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It’s Friday night and I’m alone in my flat in Vienna. You might think nothing wrong with that, ha?! It’s Friday, 3 April 2020. We are in the middle of the Coronacrisis. The world has turned upside down and basically everyone needs to stay home. Throughout the world people are being isolated and quarantined, shops, café, restaurants, bars are closed, people are working from home, schools are closed and I’m in quarantine for three weeks now. (Sidenote: Now it’s already end of April, 24th to be precise, and it was my six week of quarantine)

Being quarantined

I’ve started my quarantine at my mom’s place in Upper Austria, but after 1 ½ weeks I really had the urge to go back to Vienna, to my home and my flat. Now I’ve done two weeks of home office here and the time has been tough. On the one hand I can absolutely call myself lucky to have my own place and not be forced to be with someone 24/7. But on the other hand it’s also quite hard being alone non-stop. I really miss seeing my friends and I also really miss going to work. (Sidenote: After spending two weeks alone in my flat in Vienna, I’ve decided to go backt to Mom’s, to stay with her another two 1/2 weeks. Now I’m back in Vienna, we’ll see how everything will develop in May/June and especially over Summer). 

If you asked me, not everything is bad when it comes to the current situation. Sure, it’s hard being alone and at home literally all the time. However, I do believe this time is also very well important for my own and my self-development. I’ve been home alone for quite a while, therefore I was occupied with myself a lot. So I had to become even with myself and my thoughts, which was not always easy and I’m still an on-going process.

Since I’m a positive person, I truly believe that everything’s going be fine in the end and that I will come out as a stronger and better person of this time. Even though it might seem still impossible and quite some time to go but we human beings are super adaptable and get used to everything. Therefore, I think we as a society will come out of this crisis with a stronger and closer mindset. Since we are generally more capable of what we might think in the first place.

How long will it last?

I don’t think that this situation and crisis will be over in the near future. I think it will last longer that we might expect or rather what the government tells us. I think those restrictions will be in place for another year. (Sidenote: For what I’ve read the past few days, those restrictions and measures could be even place for a few years. It basically comes to that point when a vaccine or another suitable medicine will be found. However, those thoughts seem very pessimistic. I still hope we can go back to ‘normal’ sooner of course.) I know this sounds super dramatic but as long as no vaccine is found, we will have to deal with this virus. That is why I think we better get used to this new situation and it will be (sooner or later) our new reality. We will get to ‘normal’ for sure, but I’m not sure how this ‘normal’ will be. I think our society will change and the way we think as well. I’m pretty sure we won’t take some things for granted anymore. What’s also important, people are now forced to turn to themselves, which is a pro and a con at the same time. 

Rethink of our society

Our society was defined by being extremely busy, doing this and that, taking another trip to this destination, checking out this other new place and being on the run basically non-stop. I think slowing down for a while can be beneficial for us, our society and planet earth. We might rethink our standards, believes and view on the world. Hence, this all of a sudden bump might not be all bad at all. It is still hard for me to accept that this virus will be around for quite some time. It will restrict us and our behaviours. Time needs to filled with other tasks now. The funny thing is everyone is forced to do it on their own to define their new game plan against boredom. No matter if it is working like crazy, cooking a lot, doing sports, reading, going for a walk, talking with friends or just dreaming about the future. We are currently living in though times, which are super crazy, but yet super exciting. And before all this happed, I was about to go nuts, since my life was so “ordinary”. I had a really weird feeling inside myself, as if my intuition was already about to tell, hey something will come up. I believe, there is a challenging new future ahead of us, with hopefully more ups than downs.

If you feel sad, lonely or just annoyed, please remember everything’s going be fine and this is also ‘just’ a phase, like others. Lots of love, hugs and strengths. 



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