My first weeks in Amsterdam

Hello from Amsterdam!

You might have seen on instagram or facebook that I’ve recently moved to Amsterdam. You might be wondering what I am actually doing here. I’m doing an internship with Heineken for six months. I was really lucky to get one, because first of all it is not easy to get an internship abroad in general. Secondly it is even harder to get one with Heineken, because a lot of young and talented people are applying. Therefore, I am very pleased that I got the chance!

What is Amsterdam like?

The city itself is not that big compared to other European metropolises, since Amsterdam ‘only’ has 800k inhabitants. However, it is still very busy and a lot of people and tourists are around. To be honest, I’ve never lived in such a big city before in my life, therefore, it is quite a change for me. But I really like it! There is always something to do and to discover. That is so cool in my opinion and that’s what I missed when I lived in Linz.

What I also adore about Amsterdam is that everyone is biking. That’s why the biking paths are very well established and maintained. You can really compare them to streets because they are also regulated through traffic lights. During rush hour, it can get quite crowded as well! And of course, the paths are quite flat so it’s easy to bike in the Netherlands and especially in Amsterdam.

Which cultural differences have I witnessed already?

The first thing which pops up in my head is the fact that the Dutch are more direct. At the beginning, it might be a bit overwhelming, cause it is still different to Austria. But I actually really like it, because you can get to the point immediately, and you can also be honest, without being judged.

It is also way more international in Amsterdam, due to plenty of expats who are living here and constantly coming. At work, English is the business language and it is no problem for Dutch people to switch to English. Therefore, (at least at the beginning) Dutch language knowledge will not be a requirement if you wish to start a life here.

Accommodation and rent

The rental market is crazy in Amsterdam! Many people are searching for a (good) place to stay at the same time. Therefore, it can get very rough to find a suitable place to stay. Moreover, the rental prices are also very high! 600-700 € for a room not directly in the city centre is normal and in the centrum it get up to € 1000 (or even more) for one room in a shared flat. But it is what it is! You always need to consider the overall picture, when you look at the rent prices. A lot of people are coming to Amsterdam constantly and there is a shortage of housing. Moreover, if you don’t like to commute (like me) then you will still save a lot of money on public transport. You also save a lot of time and nerves, if you live in the city centre (or pretty close)!

What it is like to be there alone?

Arriving in a new city, which is abroad too, is not easy at the very beginning. I was actually quite nervous, because I was aware of the rental market and that I didn’t know anyone at the very beginning. Moreover, when moving to another country, a lot of red tape work and such is also involved. But so far, I actually haven’t felt lonely. (Maybe only during my long train ride). I already got to know a lot of people at work and also some through coincidences. Moreover, there is always facetime available to call your beloved ones at home! Therefore, I’m really happy to be here and really looking forward to the rest of the time here in Amsterdam. So, stay tuned for new content about it!



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