So, why am I doing this?

People who come across my blog (omg, it’s really happening!), will ask themselves, why is she doing this? No matter, if you are a stranger or a close friend, I’m pretty sure that you’ll ask yourself what I am up to. I get it, because I would ask the same question and as we all know, people are curious and wanna know what is going on. This is why I wanna tell you the reasons why I’ve started this.

Everything began more or less on new year’s eve 2017. I was really looking forward to the new year 2018 because I knew, it’s gonna be awesome and at the same time scary with a lot of changes. As some of you might know, I am done with all my master’s courses and ‘only’ my master’s thesis is left of almost five years of studying. I should slowly figure out for myself what I would like to do as soon as I am finished with my degree. But you know what?! I don’t know what I’m gonna do. A lot of ideas are going through my mind every day and every few hours I think of something else that I wanna do. Well, however, there is one thing I do know at the moment. And this is seeing and exploring the world. This blog also allows me to write those experiences down.

I’ve been on social media for almost five years and I think I’ve started reading blogs regularly four years ago. I’m really keen on discovering new blogs and/or bloggers every day and this is another reason why I started this.┬áSince I like it so much, why should I am not be part of this happening? Why should I not contribute my own content to this online world, I follow every day? I know it sounds a bit naive, but why should I not figure it out myself if this is a good idea or not? Because, if you never try, you’ll never know.

Another reason, I’ve started this or why I’ve enjoyed it very much so far is that it is a hobby which challenges me. It is an opportunity for me, to grow and to discover other skills than those I’ve gained at university. It is something to be creative with and this part I’ve missed so far in my life. As much as I love to analyse stats, solve problems, calculate figures, read and interpret (tax) laws, it is not everything to me personally. This hobby is something completely different and still at the same time challenging.

Blogging allows me to improve my creativity, my photography and what is most important my writing skills. I’ve never been a big writer. I’ve never thought that writing would be a thing for me (why should it be?). But I’ve figured out for myself in mid 2017 that writing is something to enjoy and that it makes me feel good when I’m writing my thoughts down.

I also would like to clarify why this blog is in English and not in German. I am from Austria and therefore my mother tongue is German and probably the majority of my blog readers will be German speaking people. Nevertheless, I still would like to write this in English because I simply love writing and thinking in English. This language fascinates me so much and I have this urge somehow to be perfect in using English. Moreover, this blog should mainly be focused on travelling and this implies that a lot of international people might search for information provided on this blog. Those potential readers should of course understand this content. But I would still like to hold open the opportunity for me, to write blogposts every now and then in German if I feel like it. But this is what I’m going to figure out in the future.

Long story short, what should you expect from this blog? Since my plan for 2018 (and even for the next years) is to travel as much as possible, you’ll find a lot of travel tips, destination reviews and I guess every now and then some random thoughts from my head, which need to be written down. This blog should hold on to moments, which has been extraordinary in my life and those moments, which are definitely worth to be remembered in the online world or at least for myself.




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