Sometimes you come across the unexpected

Seriously, this quote could really be the story of my life. You know, I am about to graduate in the next six months (or even earlier, it depends on how seriously I’m taking it), therefore a lot is going on in my mind right now. I reflect a lot about my future and what I could/should do with my life.In my point of view, it is legitimate to have a lot of ideas what I would like to do afterwards. I am that kind of person who knows deep inside what I want. Mostly I just need to sit down and really think what I would like to do. But due to a lot of influence from outside I often get distracted and I lose track of my true inner wishes.

The problem is that I always tend to overthink things. This is surely a weakness of myself and I have been trying to work on that lately. I try to remind myself to let go and to let things just happen. Because I feel like as soon as I let go, the things I wish for just seem to happen. Or at least everything connects and begins to make sense.

I always think I know what’s best for me. But I actually don’t know. How do I know this or that job is the most suitable one for me? How do I know if this or that city is the right for me to live in? How do I know if those people around me are always the best company? Setbacks never feel good at first glance. But every setback has something good, because it is a chance for growing and improving oneself. Everything in life has its purpose (I know that sounds really spiritual, but believe me I’m not that spiritual).

Since my graduation is not that far away anymore, people tend to ask me, what do I wanna do afterwards? What is your plan? I feel like, they expect from me to give the perfect answer. After a conversation about my future I feel always torn inside me. On the hand I would like to plan everything ahead and tell the world, yeah I know what I’m going to do after my studies. But on the other hand, I ask myself, why should you always know what is going to be next. Why should you always have a certain plan in life? Why is it even so important to always have a plan?

I get it if people ask what I’m up for doing after my studies. I would also like to know what my friends’ plans are and what they expect from their future. But as the asking person you don’t know if the person who you ask about their future is secure about their plans. Maybe they feel embarrassed, because their plan might sound naive or silly. As a questioner you don’t bear that in mind.

But this “future questioning” should not necessarily force someone to always plan ahead and to always know what is going to happen next. Because sometimes it’s simply good to not have a certain plan. Sometimes it is the right decision to let life happen, sit down and just wait what the outcome will be. In the end everything is going to be fine anyways. As long as everything is not yet the way you want it to be, you still need to keep on pushing and doing whatever your dream is until it comes true. No matter what others might think, no matter what others might say. As soon as you let life just happen I am sure the right will happen. I am sure your dreams are going to come true and you come across the unexpected. These rare moments are what make me appreciate life even more and make me extremely grateful.



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