During my second half of my Bali holiday I’ve spent six nights in Ubud (find out more about it here) and Canggu respectively. Those two locations are both located on Bali yet totally different. I enjoyed both of them and they both have really nice vibes too. Therefore, I would like to share my experience with this post!

When it comes to Canggu, it is quite different from Ubud. Canggu is located next to the ocean, so therefore there is an amazing beach with perfect waves for surfers. The vibe there is more hip, young, surfer like everyone just wants to have a really good time. In Canggu you cannot do that much nature and adventure like activities compared to Ubud, but it still doesn’t get boring. Since my ankle was still upset when I came to Canggu, I was happy to just chill and hang there for the first two days. 

I’ve stayed five nights in the Farm Hostel, which was the best hostel I’ve ever had! (Seriously) I also switched accommodation for one night, but then I realized that the new hostel was shit (dirty and far outside) so therefore I came back to Farm. One thing I didn’t like about the Farm was the fact, that people weren’t that open there. They were more reserved but I still made friends in the end so it was fine. But just take that into consideration. Also I would recommend you to go to the 8 people’s dorm cause they are nicer compared to the 6 persons’ ones.

What to do in Canggu?

Since there aren’t many activities around, I would say Canggu is the best spot for just chilling, hanging by the pool, having amazing food, surfing and meeting lots of people. Canggu is also perfect for seeing the sunset on the beach and partying afterwards. Consequently, there is still lots to do. 

The traffic and the lack of walking paths I didn’t quite like about Canggu. Canggu is more spacious compared to Ubud and therefore you are depended on scooters/cars to get around. I mean you can also walk small distances, but it is rather annoying because you mostly have to walk next to the busy street. 

Food food food 

Of course I also tried many different food location and I had so good food there. Therefore, I’m missing it big time. 

Crate Café: A lot to choose from and really affordable prices and yet good stuff. The portions are rather big (sometimes a bit too big haha) and around lunch time it can be quite busy too. Link

The Avocado factory: As the name states, their menu is about avocado. I had a really good egg’s benedict there. Link

The Shady Shack: This is one of my favourite spots in Canggu, no matter whether you have breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cake there. Everything was super good, so highly highly recommended! Link

The secret spot: That’s a café a little bit more outside of the (touristy) main area, but it is so worth going there. I had the best vegan raw lasagna, out of this world! They also have nice cakes and other goodies. Link

La Brisa: This is more of a beach bar, but you could also have food there. However, it is rather expensive. But for seeing the sunset it is perfect because the vibe there is so tropical and nice. Therefore, best for sunsets! Link

Luigis Hot Pizza: Really good pizza and also good for partying on Monday! Also if you stay at Farm Hostel you get a discount for their drinks. Link

The Loft Canggu: This is a typical Instagram spot, but I have to say the smoothie bowl there was really really good. Hence also a must! Link

La Baracca: Really good and different kind of pizza. If you are in the mood for that, go there. Link

Organic Café: I loved it there so much! The food was amazing and also the location, so beautiful with tropical and white details. Had my last bowl there before heading to the airport. So go there! (In my opinion, this restaurant is way underrated in google, don’t know what people had to complain about it, I loved it 🙂 ) Link

Yoga in Canggu

I also went to one yoga class at Samadi Yoga. It was ok, but I already had better classes I have to say. Next time I would try out the Practice.

First Tattoo

Last but not least, I got my first tattoo in Canggu. I went to Babayaga tattoo and the artist was called Fendor. I love it so much and I can absolutely advise you going there if you consider one too.


All in all I also had the perfect time in Canggu. I met lots of people and I tried out so many good food hotspots. I think Canggu was the perfect ending of my Bali trip and I would do the same trip all over again. Hope you also enjoyed reading it!

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