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I’ve spent almost whole February in Bali and in my first week I’ve been in a surf camp and after that I will write more blogposts, so stay tuned. This blogpost will be about my experience in the surf camp and how I found surfing. Also check out my first post about my Solo Travel.

Rapture Camp

I’ve exactly stayed for one week in the camp, which was the perfect time for me. It was a good kickstart for my solo trip to Bali too, because I knew I would meet lots of people there. Also, I always wanted to try out surfing. Therefore, I went for it!

When it comes to the location, I was in the Rapture Surf camp Padang Padang and it was definitely the right decision to choose that one instead of Cliff. It was so cozy there and the people were really chill. Breakfast and dinner, both included, were always really good. I still dream sometimes of the banana pancakes or the granola. You always have those meals together, which was also very cosy, especially for dinner.

Another advantage of this surf camp is that you can pay the surf lessons in the end. So it is up to you how much they were worth to you. They just want you to share your honest opinion about the surf instructors and how you found the lessons.

Uluwatu Temple

One late afternoon, I went to Uluwatu Temple with a friend and there we saw the fire show. It was a really nice experience. Only we were there little bit too late, so we did not see the whole temple. If you’re planning to go there, plan enough time for everything.


Now the fun part comes, surfing! I had literally no clue what was surfing about before I started learning it. I realized it is a hard sport to learn, or at least for me. It basically consists 95% of paddling and 5% of actually standing on the surfboard (and try to catch a wave and surf).

Surfing can also be kind of dangerous I figured. Particularly when the waves are high and the sea is stormy. Then it takes quite some effort to handle everything. But the instructors were always there, and they told us exactly how to behave. So in the end, it wasn’t that bad.


All in all, even though I had small injures and a super bad sunburn on my face and on my ankles (always put on zinc sun cream), I really enjoyed surfing and it was a good experience to try it out. I’m happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone because I was scared of trying it. I will for sure try it again and maybe even back in Bali.


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