After spending three nights on Gili T, I decided to continue my travel in Ubud. For the first three nights I’ve booked a really nice Airbnb room for myself. I needed some time for completing an online test, hence the solo accommodation. But I didn’t regret it, because it was a really beautiful room with a lovely bed and a super nice pool!

The next three nights I decided to stay in Gustis Backpackers hostel, which was totally fine as well. It was small and cozy, therefore it was easy peasy to make friends there. Moreover, the location has been opened recently and everything was super super clean! Totally recommended. 

What I did during those six days? 

Arriving in Ubud I realized that it is rather quiet there (as in not so many party locations, but still heavy traffic) and that are lots of yogi and spiritual people walking around. I think it’s just nice to walk around Ubud itself, because there are rather good walking paths (compared to Canggu for instance) and there are lots of shops and cafés around. 

One day I walked the Campuhan Ridge Walk, which I really enjoyed. Even though it was extremely hot! I did a swing on that day too, which was mind blowing. The next day I did a cooking class in the morning. That was also amazing, and I’ve learnt so much about local cuisine. On the same day I also visited the monkey forest. I liked it a lot as well. Even though there are lots of mixed opinions about it, so you should definitely build your own.

Next (or rather the night after) I did the Mount Batur sunrise tour, which was absolutely my highlight of the whole trip! It was quite exhausting because we were picked up at 2 am in the morning and I was home at 11 am. But totally worth it to see the sunrise in the morning.

The next day I went with two guys I’ve met at the hostel to the rice terraces, a local coffee tasting farm, to the Tirta Empul temple and to the Tegenungan waterfall. The waterfall was really nice to see, however, the rice terraces were definitely my highlight of that day! 

After those amazing experiences, I was not so lucky because I’ve twisted my ankle and therefore I couldn’t walk properly for two days. I couldn’t put pressure on my ankle anymore. Considering I was on my own in Bali, this was clearly a down phase for me. But in the end, I was lucky, because a doctor was in my dorm and she properly examined me, put a bandage on my foot and gave me painkillers. My foot also got better after two days. There was still little bit of pain, but at least I could walk again. 

Food food food in Ubud

My favourite spots were:

KAFE: Had dinner and breakfast there, must try when you are in Ubud! So good. 

Clear Café: The location itself was amazing and it was so nice hanging there. But the food itself could have been better. 

Sayuri Healing Food Café: I had a smoothie, a lunch bowl and a cake there. I loved it! Also must try when you are in Ubud. 

Yellow Flower Café: I had the best smoothie bowl ever there. Therefore also highly recommended.

Warung Siam Ubud: Good spot for Thai food, also recommended. 

Other hotspots: Watercress, Zest Ubud

Yoga in Ubud

I actually never did yoga there, but I’ve heard about lots of good places. So I would also recommend that to you, if you are into yoga. For example, the Yoga Barn, Ubud Yoga House,  Radiantly Alive or check out this post. 


All in all, I had a really good time in Ubud and I feel like I could have stayed there even longer, because there is sooo much to do. I’m happy that I saw so much and that I can share it with you!

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