What a weekend in Berlin! I’ve spent the last weekend (7-9 September) in Berlin and this post is about my experience during that time! Enjoy reading!

Almost everything turned out to be differently as I’ve already expected in a good and bad way I have to admit. But let’s start with the beginning!

Initially I’ve planned to meet up  there with two of my closest friends (Laura and Stephanie <3)  and to go to the Lollapalooza festival on Saturday. Laura and Stephanie have planned to arrive on Saturday, but I decided for myself to arrive already on Friday. So that I would have more time to explore Berlin and to also have a little break in September.

Therefore, I flew on Friday from Amsterdam to Berlin with Klm, which worked out totally fine. Even though I was a little bit nervous. It was my first time flying from Schipol and I haven’t ever been there. But everything went really smooth and my worries were in vain.

Anyway, arriving in Berlin, I met up with a former working colleague from Austria totally spontaneous and we had lunch together. Then I met a nice girl from Turkey at the East Side Gallery, where we took photos from each other. In the afternoon I just explored the city and did some shopping. I’m currently on the hunt for some winter clothes already. You know I’ve really got into Ance lately and I also went to the store in Berlin. Really nice one and the staff there was also really friendly! I almost bought me a pullover, but then I could hold myself. (However sooner or later one of their pullovers will be mine!)

In the evening I met another friend, who I knew from my exchange semester in Sweden. We went for dinner with a working colleague of hers. It was totally fun and chill. I do have to admit I was really surprised by the restaurants in Berlin. So many nice places and not expensive at all (when you compare it to Amsterdam). Later on, we also had lovely talks with ice cream and one beer (I know weird combination, but it was rather a sweet beer).

Then the day of the festival arrived. Laura and Stephanie were supposed to come to Berlin as well. But unfortunately, their flight got canceled from Vienna to Berlin. I have to note that they booked easyjet and honestly you can never know what is happening with those cheap airlines. Anyways, the consequence was that I was on my own because I was supposed to meet them. We even booked a hotel room close to the festival and I also had it for myself. First, I was a little bit confused and didn’t know what I should do. But luckily my friend from Berlin also went to the festival and I wasn’t alone.

Then we went to the festival, even though it took us forever to meet up, due to the long distances in Big B. Concerning the Lollapalooza itself, I have to admit that it was nice but I’ve already been to better festivals in my life. (I’ve already seen a lot since I was 16). Nevertheless, I saw Casper, the National, the Weeknd and the Wombats. All the bands I wanted to see, and it was in the end quite some fun. Afterwards I was totally tired and I was really happy, that the hotel was so close.

On the next day, I realized that I had no toothpaste (I forgot mine at my friends’ place) and additionally I was alone, because the others didn’t come and it was also Sunday, so hardly any shops were open. Therefore, no good combination at all! But then I went to the reception and the lady there was so kind to give me some. Even though the hotel was not the best, the breakfast was quite good, and it really surprised me.

Around 11 I went out to explore the city again. Fortunately, it was a really nice day, so I went to the Brandenburger Gate and the park around there. After that I decided to have a kumpir at a small bistro I saw on Friday. It was my first time having one and I really liked it. After that I went to the airport and flew back home to Amsterdam.

What that weekend showed me?

Even though you try to plan everything, there is no guarantee that it will really work out and you always need to be prepared for the unexpected to happen. (As I’ve already mentioned in this blogpost). This weekend also taught me, that I am very able of exploring a city on my own and still enjoying it. I mean I still prefer to do it with someone else. But honestly, it is still not that hard to be alone in a city. Another perk is that you can really do whatever you want which is also nice sometimes.

Another lesson which I’ve been taught during my weekend in Berlin, is that, Amsterdam is such a beautiful city compared to for example Berlin. I know I’ve only been two times in Berlin for a weekend each but in my opinion this city is not beautiful. There are so many concrete buildings and most of the districts still seem to be quite industrial.

The last thing is that, it is also nice to speak your own mother tongue and to actually understand people talking to each other. As much as I love Amsterdam and English I still miss sometimes to speak in my mother tongue.

So that’s it about my experience in Berlin! I hope I could entertain you with my stories and see you soon,



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