Hey guys, nice to have you back! Me and my friends visited one friend, who is studying in the student town Kuchl. It is situated 20 mins away by car from Salzburg City. This town is pretty small, but it is surrounded by a lot of mountains and lots of students study there. So it never gets boring in this small town. One neighbour town of Kuchl is Golling, where we shot the pictures you are about to see in this blogpost. If you are interested in other destinations in the Austrian mountains check out my post about Hallstatt or Grünau im Almtal.

We spent one weekend in Kuchl, therefore we arrived on Friday. On Friday we went to a concert in a small pub in Hallein. On Saturday, we went to Bluntautal. This valley offers a nice hiking path around the lake, where we took these nice mountain photos  I just love them!



On Sunday, we went to another attraction being located in Golling, which is called the Gollinger Waterfalls. Seriously, it was one of the most stunning nature attractions I’ve ever seen in my life. Therefore, I absolutely recommend going there for a daytrip! Now I just let the pictures speak for themselves.


Thank you Marie, Doris, Stephie and Sonja for this awesome weekend!! 


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