Budapest has been on my travel bucket list for ages. That’s why I decided spontaneously to go there at the beginning of August. It was my second solo travel after Bali. Hence, I was quite nervous again but in the end it was the best decision to just do it alone. I met so many amazing people and had a really good time. 

Trains and Accommodation

I took the train from Vienna to Budapest which was about 2 ½ hours. Moreover, I booked a dorm bed in the Meininger Hostel and I can totally recommend that one. It was very clean and spacious. Also they offer private rooms and it reminded me more of a hotel than a hostel.


What I did

On my first day I just walked around, and I had dinner at Mazel Tov. If you are into Israeli food I can totally recommend you this place. There I met two guys from Kentucky and we went to Szimpla Kert together. This is a really spacious bar, which I enjoyed a lot. 

The next day I had breakfast at Sonkapult. I had the avotoast No. 2 and it was so tasty. After that I joined a free walking tour, which lasted almost three hours. I can so advise you to do such one because you get to see so much during a short time. Besides you decide at the end how much it was worth to you. 

On my third day I went to have breakfast at Szimply. Omg this place was definitely my favourite! The coffee there was one of the best I’ve ever had and the avotoast was just gorgeous. If you are into hip locations, check it out! After that I visited the cave church and strolled around the city. In the evening I had dinner with the girls from my dorm and I was out at Szimpla Kert again, where I’ve met lovely people from Germany and even Vienna. (The world is so small, haha!)

On Sunday I didn’t do much anymore and I took the train back home around 2 pm. For now I just let the pictures speak for itself. Enjoy!


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