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In May I travelled quite much, because I wanted to enjoy the last bits of my student life freedom. You need to know, I have been writing on my master’s thesis in the last semester. Therefore, I was pretty flexible where to finish it. Even though it wasn’t always easy to continue working while being on holiday, but that’s another story. In May I was one week in London too you can read about it here and here.

Island Krk

We’ve spent ten days on the Island Krk, Croatia in total. We went there by car and it took us around 7 hours to get there. This time frame also includes some breaks, getting lost in Slovenia and being checked at the Slovenia/Croatia border. One side note, in Slovenia a vignette is needed for the highway. Since we only needed it for an one-and-a-half hour drive, we decided to go on the normal highway, which was not charged. However, I would not recommend that. Firstly, there are some ‘free’ highways which are still charged, and they are no clear signs telling you that. Secondly, it takes you longer.


After arriving on Krk, we reached our Airbnb accommodation in Malinska. It is a nice harbour city, which is absolutely chill. There is one supermarket directly in the city centre and one bigger being called Plodine 5 mins outside the city centre by car. However, Malinska does not offer a lot of good restaurants. I would rather recommend to cook by yourself or to drive to another city. There was still one quite nice café, it was called King’s caffee.

Spots we visited

Stara baska

Stara baska offers some kind of secret beach and it is a nice hiking area at the same time. It is located on the other side of the island Krk and definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately, the sea was still a bit too cold to go swimming. But in summer it is surely the perfect chilling-at-the-beach-spot!

The City of Krk

We went there twice. One time to spend the whole day there for sightseeing and the other time just for having dinner. On our sightseeing day we went on a submarine boat tour. It was fun, but we were a bit disappointed because we didn’t see many fishes. On that day, we visited the castle too. It was lovely there and you can enjoy a delightful view over the harbour.

Of course, we also had food in Krk. We went to a typical Croatian restaurant twice meaning on the sightseeing day and on the dinner day. It was called Zrinski and it was located next to the castle. They offered excellent food with high quality yet affordable. They also served homemade bread, which was out of this world! If you are into ice cream I can recommend you the Casa del Padrone and at Café Vela Placa. The second one was smaller and to be honest the ice cream tasted even better.


Biserujka cave

The Biserujka is a dripping stone cave on Krk. It was interesting to visit and to see how the stalactites and stalagmites were growing. (We did not literally see them growing, I just mean the image you get). If you arrive there, you will need to wait some time, until the next group will be taken to the cave. Keep that in mind. Moreover, Biserujka is surrounded by some hiking paths and we hiked for around an hour afterwards. It was really nice, and we also shot some cool pics!


One day we left the island Krk and we drove to Rijeka. It is the closest bigger city and its architecture kinda reminded me of Vienna or Prague. Therefore, it was really beautiful to look at. In Rijeka, we parked at a parking lot in the city centre, which wasn’t that expensive. During our exploring tour, we went to the harbour, visited the castle Trsat and went to an exhibition about torpedos. The castle is very well maintained and I think it was one of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen (and I am not really into castles). The exhibition about torpedos was also interesting and on that day, it was free of charge.

After walking the whole day, we had dinner at this place and I can tell you the pizza was certainly delicious. For all the girls (or also boys) who aren’t that hungry, they serve two sizes of pizza small and big. Lastly, we had some desert at this place Cacao. I can recommend that as well.


Another day we went to the little harbour town Punat. From there you can go by taxi boat to the Island Košljun. The boat tour to the island was definitely a highlight. The island Košljun is not very big, therefore around two hours will be enough to explore everything. There is a cloister, which boasts a museum and it is nice to walk around the island as well. Maybe you spot a nun (so did we at least).

That’s it with all the activities we did! The rest of time we didn’t do that much except of chilling  (I also wrote on my thesis) at our Airbnb flat. We weren’t quite lucky with the weather though, because it was raining around four days straight. Anyways, I hope you could gain some useful information out of this blogpost about Krk and enjoy the remaining pics!







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