Day trip to The Hague

In October my Mom visited me in Amsterdam for one week and we also did two day trips. One of them was to The Hague. This blogpost should show you my impressions and of course what we did. Enjoy!

Some facts about the The Hague

The Hague is with 1 Million inhabitants the third largest city in the Netherlands (after Amsterdam and Rotterdam). The government is situated there and the King lives there with his family.

Scheveningen Beach

We took the train from Amsterdam Zuid to Leiden and changed there then to The Hague. Arriving in The Hague, we strolled around the whole day. First we walked to the Scheveningen Beach, it was incredible there. Therefore, I would highly recommend that when you are in The Hague. Then we walked back to the city centre and enjoyed that for the rest of the day (even though we were already pretty tired from walking).

Sights in the city centre

In The Hague we also visited the Binnenhof, being an important building for the Dutch government. The States General of the Netherlands as well as the office of the Prime Minister are located there. The building complex is quite incredible and really nice to walk through! What is more, it is surrounded by the pond Hofvijer which also makes it nice to look at.

Close to the Binnenhof, the Mauritshuis is situated. It is an art museum, which boats mostly paintings from the Dutch Golden Age.


I also really wanted to see the Court of Justice in The Hague. Therefore, we also headed there and how nice is the architecture of this building? It must be marvelous to work in there.

Court of Justice

In the end, we were just walking around the city centre and with its old houses. We also came across one Viennese Café, which made a bit nostalgic.

To sum everything up, I would definitely recommend a daytrip to The Hague. It is a nice city to see and especially the beach there is definitely worth seeing! (But in the bottom of my heart, Amsterdam will stay my favorite Dutch city, I have to admit.)

Central station in The Hague



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