Summer in Austria


Since I wanted to make the most out of my time in August, I decided to visit a friend in Innsbruck. I really like Tyrol’s Capital and the view it has to offer since it is surrounded by the mountains. Therefore we wanted to make the most of it and we went hiking two times. One hike was more like a walk but the second was a really long and exhausting one. We climbed the mountain Serles which is said to be Innsbruck’s prestigious mountain. It took us around 5 hours in total to hike up and get down Serles. It was very exhausting but the view was amazing and I was proud of myself that I managed it. We also went to one yoga class, went out for food two times and we went to the slack line park of Innsbruck. I had a really good time there and I’m sure I’ll be back in the mountains!


What a weekend! I am actually very proud of myself that I climbed Traunstein. It is a very famous mountain in Salzkammergut, Upper Austria. It is directly located by the Traunsee and it is a very steep mountain with a height of 1,691 meters. 

We decided to hike up by the Naturfreundesteg. In total (with lots of breaks), it took us around 4 hours to get up (actual hiking time was 2 ½ hours according to Marie). It is very steep from time to time and I was sometimes afraid of the height, but I managed in the end. It was a very long and exhausting way up but once you’ve done it is by far the best feeling. We stayed one night at the Naturfreunde hut, where he had dinner and just hang out. We were also crazy enough to get up at 5am and hiked another 45 mins to the mountain cross of Traunstein. The sunrise view was totally worth it!

After our morning sports program, we finally had breakfast and enjoyed the amazing view from the hut for another two hours. Then we decided to hike back down again. We agreed on taking the Mariaalm route. Recently, there have been landslides and that’s why this path was officially closed. But we talked to the people at the hut and they told us, it has been already inspected and it is safe to hike down. So we just took the ‘normal’ route back down. In between we had amazing lunch at Mariaalm and took really nice pictures, due to the amazing weather. This was my story from Traunstein. I’m very happy that I can cross that one from my bucketlist!

Diana in Vienna

I’ve meet Diana during my internship in Amsterdam. We both worked at Heineken and there we became friends. Even after I left Amsterdam we stayed in contact and we managed a reunion in Vienna at the end of August. It was so nice having her around for one weekend. It was actually way too short! On Friday she arrived quite late and I prepared a nice dinner for the two of us at my flat. On Saturday we walked through the 1stdistrict and then we went swimming in the Danube (to be precise at Alte Donau). After leaving we had another walk through the beautiful city of Vienna. For dinner we went to Seven North, it was amazing! I can absolutely recommend this restaurant to you. As we still wanted something for our sweet tooth, we went to the Sacher Café as well to enjoy a Sacher cake as desert. On Sunday we had a nice brunch at Erich and after that we saw a horse show from the famous Spanish riding school. It was a very interesting experience for me since I’ve never seen a horse show before. To sum everything up, we had a very lovely weekend together and I’m already looking forward to visit Diana in Amsterdam (my home away from home <3). 


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