Grünau im Almtal

On Easter Monday Julian and me decided to do a little trip and we thought Grünau im Almtal was a nice destination. The weather was also perfect on that day, so there was no reason why we should not go. This blogpost should give you some insights what to do there and why it is definitely worth visiting.

First, we enjoyed the Wildpark Cumberland, which is located in the municipality Grünau im Almtal. You can see animals typically living there, for example lynx (favorite animal in Upper Austria!), horses, ducks or raccoons (they were so cute). The entrance fee was € 9 for adults, unfortunately there is no student discount available. We additionally bought some feed for the animals, which costed € 2. I would recommend buying some, because it makes the experience uniquer and you can interact with the animals more easily.

The wildlife park itself is pretty huge and it took us around two hours of walking until we were finished with everything. At the beginning we were afraid that it might be really crowed, because the parking lot was quite full. However, the animal park is pretty spaciously therefore people didn’t bother us anymore.

After the wildlife park we drove around 10 mintues by car to the Almsee. This lake is really beautiful, and you should definitely check it out! It is clear blue with a touch of green and surrounded by the mountains. Therefore, the perfect photo location. There is a hike path around the lake too. We were only strolling for about 15 minutes but hiking the whole way all around the lake seemed also pretty nice to us.

That’s it with my blog post about Grünau im Almtal. Hope I could give some hints on how the Wildlife park Cumberland and the Almsee would be like. Now I’m going to let the picture speak for themselves. Enjoy! If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments 🙂




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