How much is a skiing trip to ITALY?

If you’ve read my first blog post (if not you should do it now) about our skiing trip to Italy, you might ask yourself some questions such as: How much is a skiing holiday in Italy? Which costs do you need to consider? What else do you need bear in mind? In this post I would like to give you some advice on this topic.

Journey to get there

First of you all you need to think about how you actually get to your skiing destination. Because different means of transport, mean different costs, which will be occurring. We actually drove by car from Upper Austria to South Tyrol. It took us around seven hours, including lunch break and traffic. You also need to consider that using the Italian highway needs to be paid by distance. Therefore, the farer you go, the more will be charged. We needed to pay around € 11 for around 2 hours on the Italian highway. We already had a vignette for the Austrian highway, so we didn’t need to pay for that one. Lastly, the tankful also caused costs, which was around € 150 for both directions. This number depends highly on the car you drive and how you drive it of course.


As already mentioned in the earlier post about skiing in Italy, we rented an Airbnb private room in Pinzolo. We shared it with our host, but it was no problem for us at all. He was really friendly because he offered us coffee several times and even brought us some sweets made by his mom. We could also ask him for advice on restaurants for instance. Another cool thing about Airbnb is that you can cook for yourself. Firstly, it’s obviously cheaper and secondly you can try things from the supermarket, which you would have not tasted in a hotel. I simply love to go to supermarkets when I’m abroad and try the food there. But, now comes the interesting part, why you might read this post. We paid around € 340 for six nights for two persons, so € 170 per person.


Our Airbnb flat was some 300 metres away from the ski station by foot. Therefore,  we could walk there, being really convenient. The skiing passes in Italy cost as much as they cost in Austria. We paid for two 5- days-skiing Ski area Madonna di Campiglio passes € 472, so € 236 per person. I know this sounds a lot, but the dimension of the skiing area needs to be considered and all the slopes also need to be prepared everyday. Moreover, skiing is always relatively expensive.


Last but not least food. We had fresh bread from the bakery almost every morning and I can tell you, it was not expensive at all! For example, one Italian bun was around € 0.35. Since we could use the kitchen in our Aibnb we cooked two times pasta, once we got a pizza from a bakery and two times we went out for dinner. When you go out for dinner you need to bear in mind that you always need to pay the place setting additionally. Soft drinks are also quite expensive in Italian restaurant. If you want to save money, you should go for water or wine. We paid two times around € 40 altogether.

During skiing I can totally recommend taking a coffee break every now and then, since the coffee is excellent and also quite cheap. One cappuccino was around € 2. In total we spent circa € 300 for two persons in Italy on food, drinks and snacks.


Hopefully this blogpost was helpful, and I could help you imagine, how much a skiing trip to Italy would cost and what you need to consider. If you have any further questions please ask in the comments 😊 Of course, you can leave further tips too.




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