Postcards from Hallstatt

I’ve visited Hallstatt for the first time (shame on me please, because I am from Upper Austria) at the beginning of February this year. I know it’s been a while already, but I still would like to show you the nice pictures we took and also give you some tips about our trip there. I’ve seen this postcards format already on other blogs for example doandlive or Julesvogel. I thought why not do the same for Hallstatt. Therefore, enjoy my postcards from Hallstatt!

Why is Hallstatt so famous?

I was actually asking myself the same question. First of all, Hallstatt is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. I guess this fact alone will speak for itself. Nevertheless, I would still like to give you some more information. Some findings date back to 800 BC and therefore Hallstatt established its own epoch which is called Hallstatt culture. Moreover, this beautiful Austrian village is located on the Hallstätter See, which makes the location even more picturesque. Lastly, Hallstatt is home to a few amazing tourist sights such as the church in the city center or the Hallstatt museum.


Arrival Journey

From Linz it is almost a 2 hours drive to get there, so don’t estimate that! Even though it doesn’t sound that long, you should still get up early and plan a little bit ahead. We were lucky, because there wasn’t that much traffic. However, keep that in mind when you want to visit Hallstatt. What is more, you could also combine this trip with a visit in Bad Ischl, because you need to cross this town anyway, if you come from the north. Another possibility would be to visit other lakes (such as Attersee or Wolfgangsee), if you are still in the mood for it.

When it comes to the parking situation, there aren’t many parking spaces available in the direct city center. We parked a little bit outside and paid around € 8 for 3 hours of parking. It took us 15 minutes of walking getting to the heart of Hallstatt. The walk there was pretty nice, because we could admire the breath taking Hallstättersee. We also found a nice photo location with a spring board there, as you can see on the photos. It was next to a kids play ground, just in case you would like to visit it as well.

Walking through the city center

When you finally reached the city center you should definitely try to walk up the little hill to get an awesome view over Hallstatt. I guess this is also the typical photo spot, because we saw some people (instagramers) taking photos there. I can recommend walking up the little alley as well. It’s really nice to see the local’s houses and you might also come across a splendid view.


We visited the Hallstatt bone house (Beinhaus), which is full of painted skulls from Hallstatt’s dead people. First I was a bit sceptical to be honest, but it was definitely worth a visit. The history behind this ritual is also pretty interesting. Did you know the inhabitants did this procedure due to a lack of space in the cemetery? Unfortunately, we didn’t visit any more sights. However, there are still some we would like to visit another time for example the Hallstatt Salz Welten or the Skywalk.

This is it with my postcards of Hallstatt post. Hopefully you found it interesting and you could get some information out of it. If you still would like to know something, feel free to ask me or leave a comment. But there is one last thing I would like to know, have you ever been to Hallstatt? If yes, did you like it?



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