Rotterdam – Day trip

My mom visited me in October for one week and we spent one day in Rotterdam. I know it’s been a while already but seriously, I was so caught up with my life (work and being sick) that I never found the time to write about it.

Arrival in Rotterdam

Anyways, we took the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and it took us an hour to get there. Therefore, I can really recommend the city as a daytrip. Moreover, Rotterdam’s architecture is also way different to all the other Dutch cities. It is more modern, wide and with lots of skyscrapers. The reason for that is because it was boomed during the second world war, as the only Dutch city.

What we did in Rotterdam

We basically scrolled around the city all day long and I have to say the city center is quite compact, hence, if you don’t plan any special activities one day is definitely enough for this city.

We started our journey (obviously) at the central station, which also looks amazing by the way. Then we walked towards the water to see the Erasmus bridge, being in my opinion one of the most beautiful bridges ever!

After that we also had a glimpse at the Foodhallen there. It’s quite stunning with the flower pattern on the ceiling and we also looked at the cube houses, which are also located around the corner. Those are quite famous in Rotterdam.


Food in Rotterdam

Last but not least, we also had some food at Flowerburger. All burgers are vegan, but I do have to say I already had a better burger in my life. The place was really nice to hang out and to take pictures, because everything looks so nice (aka totally instagrammy). But for the food itself, there are definitely better option.

A fews years ago, when I visited Rotterdam, I tried out Little V and Bazar in Rotterdam. I can both totally recommend!

Favourite city?

After that we made our way back to Amsterdam (which is still my favourite Dutch city I have to say even though we took really amazing pictures in Rotterdam).





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