Summer in Europe

If someone told me a few years ago or even during the pandemic that I would travel so much and see so many places all of a sudden (or in such a short period of time), I would have not believed it. I was so lucky to travel to so many places over the summer and I was on the run all the time, which was so cool. I enjoyed meeting so many people, seeing so many places and experiencing so many things again. It makes me feel so good that all those things and events can happen again. That was a huge point for me, why I wanted to live in the city, why I wanted to move to Vienna. The closeness to the airport, events, concerts etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, at times I struggled a lot with myself and I had some lonely times as well. I felt quite exhausted getting from A to B and also work in between. 

I guess it is also a huge advantage of Europe that you can see and travel around so much and see so many different things. This summer I’ve travelled to Berlin, Budapest, Malta, (Upper Austria), Amsterdam, London, Paris, Mykonos and Berlin again. During the travels I was in Vienna and also met many friends and I get to experience some nice parties and gatherings. I am so thankful to be able to live this life. My plan for autumn is to relax, process all the impressions, get back on track with sports and save some money again. Enjoy some of the photos I took during my travels in summer 2022. (Nachtrag: as you can see from the text, it took me some time to really process everything and to finally put the photos together. I’m really glad that everything seems to be back to normal. The year is almost over and you’ll soon read more about my thoughts about that.)

xoxo Lisa 

heurigen wien
mykonos sun
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